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We help you employ information security services to identify your important assets, owners and classifications, and handle information appropriately.

Increasing demand

Businesses and governments handle a wide range of sensitive information including intellectual property and personal information, which if handled inappropriately may results in security incidents that jeopardise its integrity and confidentiality.

Poor handling of sensitive information leads to incidents that result in losses. Losses may include financial loss, damage to reputation, inconvenience, illness or injury and in extreme cases cause loss of life. Implementing the right security reduces losses and builds confidence.

Unique approach

We leverage our experience managing information security for a wide variety of organisations to guide our clients and help them achieve their objectives. We measure our success based on your success. The value we add is found in the clarity of our advice and the depth of our committment.

We strive to make information security simple and easy so that our services are easy to implement and offer a high return on investment. We recommend our complimentary information security management software and cyber security services.


We help you identify:

  • Business processes
  • Information assets
  • Owners


We help you assess:

  • Confidentiality requirements
  • Integirty requirements
  • Availability requirements

 Policies & Procedures

We help you with:

  • Procedures for handling information
  • Tools for marking documents
  • Security awareness training

Build smarter security programs.

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